Improving home security

Ensure well-fitting uPVC doors and windows

Keep your home secure by making sure that your uPVC windows and doors fit properly. If the door or window unit is even slightly misaligned with its frame, the locking mechanism may not work properly. It also increases the likelihood of cold draughts and makes your home less thermally efficient.

Repair damaged uPVC door and window locks

Be gentle with your uPVC door and windows to protect the locks and hinges from damage.
uPVC window and door hinges and locks can be damaged by being opened or closed too forcefully. This means that they cannot keep your home safe.

It is a good idea to arrange for a local, independent locksmith to fix broken door locks or hinges immediately if you have any problems. It is also far cheaper to have an expert change a lock or hinge than to replace the whole uPVC unit.

Changing door locks

Break-ins and attempted burglaries are exceptionally traumatic, and of course you are going to want to change your door locks as quickly as you can if this happens to your property.

West Wales Locksmiths can get to you quickly and repair broken locks or completely replace the lock there and then.

You may need to change locks for newly acquired properties. Again, we provide a fast and efficient service for changing uPVC window locks and door locks.

Meeting home insurance requirements

West Wales Locksmiths can advise you on how to meet your home insurance security requirements. We can replace door locks with multi-point locks on doors, Yale locks, anti-lift bars, locking handles or any other security measures that you need for your home or business.

Professional locksmith for uPVC doors

We are on hand to provide a professional, speedy and cost-effective locksmith service. Let us access difficult to reach windows safely. Let us repair misaligned doors and windows quickly. Let us mend or replace locks to keep your home safe.

Affordable window repairs by local locksmith

blown double glazing

Money-saving uPVC window and door repairs

Save money by replacing just the broken parts of doors and windows rather than the whole unit. If it’s a problem with uPVC sealed units such as misting, leaking or condensation, West Wales Locksmiths can quickly and cheaply provide a local, independent uPVC panel replacement service.

Broken door locks and damaged window frames, seals or hinges can be quickly and easily replaced at your convenience, rather than you having to pay for a whole new product.

Lower your energy bills

When your windows and doors are all aligned accurately so that they close properly they can get on with their job of insulating your house. Well-fitting windows and doors stop draughts, leaks and condensation.

West Wales Locksmiths can replace damaged uPVC panels with thermally efficient energy saving glass. But even simpler fixes of making sure that the inbuilt drainage systems in your windows are effective can help you to reduce your reliance on heating.

By changing or repairing only what is necessary on your original uPVC windows and doors, you are also reducing waste and ensuring that your home remains as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Reduce disruption to your home

It can be very disruptive to have to change a complete uPVC window or door unit. There is far less mess if replacements are made only on the mechanisms that have failed or the seals or locks which have been damaged.

West Wales Locksmiths are a small, trustworthy, professional window repair company and we can be flexible in making appointments with you that fit in with your family. We are also lucky not to have huge overheads or premises costs. This means that we can pass on any savings directly to you.

Winter-proofing uPVC doors and windows

double glazed windows in winter

Effects of winter on uPVC windows and doors

When it is cold outside, all lots of us really want to do is close the door firmly, check the windows are closed, put our slippers on and warm up with a steaming cup of tea. But what if the doors and windows don’t fit properly?

Ill-fitting doors and windows

Changes in temperature can cause expansion and contraction of uPVC windows and doors. Even a tiny change of a few millimetres might mean that you get a problem with stiff doors. A window may no longer align with its frame. Doors and windows that do not fit their frames exactly lead to unwanted draughts. Very unwelcome on days when all you wanted to do was to shut the cold weather out.

There are multiple moving parts in the locking mechanisms of uPVC doors and windows. In extreme cold, some of these materials can become brittle, meaning that they break or shatter. This makes it impossible to close the door or window properly, leading to heat loss and a lack of security.

Condensation in uPVC panels

Cold snaps and prolonged wintry weather can affect uPVC products and make them less efficient. Sometimes, heavy rain and wind can make seals fail, leading to moisture getting trapped inside the uPVC panels. Conservatory roof panels can be lifted by the wind, causing leaks.

Fix problems with uPVC doors and windows

West Wales Locksmiths has years of experience of mending uPVC windows and doors affected by the wintry Welsh climate. It is more cost-effective and environmentally efficient to repair or replace lock mechanisms and door and window frames than to install completely new units.

Please feel free to make an appointment today with your local, independent uPVC window and door repairs company. Let’s winter-proof your home so you can enjoy that cup of tea with no cold draughts.

Repairing uPVC windows and doors

Repairing a uPVC window

Full repair and replacement service

Here at West Wales Locksmiths we can offer a wide range of services including a full repair and replacement service on doors and windows.

Over time there is always a risk of damaging your uPVC windows and doors; hinges are susceptible to wear and tear as are the locks and keys. When this happens many people assume they will face a massive bill to replace the whole unit. This simply isn’t the case, if you damage your uPVC unit you do not need to despair, contact us to see how quickly we can repair and fix your uPVC window or door.

We can come out and attend your home to fix failed and stuck mechanisms on doors and windows. You do not need to worry about your home security as we will fix your unit on site and ensure your home is safe and sound.

Misted or blown windows

When your window unit mists up it hints and a problem and will mean your windows are not as effective, it could be the seal has damaged or some other problem. Don’t assume that you will then have to replace the whole unit, we renew double glazed units for windows and doors, saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

Unit key replacement

That horrible moment when the top of the key turns in your hand and snaps from the section in the lock is never a great one, but we can come out on site and replace your keys from our van. Giving you instant peace of mind, ensuring your home is not left unsecured.

All of this reduces waste in our environment and improves energy efficiency in your home.

If you need any repair to your windows and doors or would like a quote for brand new units installed simply contact us now.

Professional Auto Locksmith training completed!

Lishi car opening picks

Lishi car opening training course passed

I am proud to announce that I have recently graduated from a Lishi vehicle opening course. Lishi car lockout tools are seen around the world as the best for the job and rightly deserve their claim of being “The Professional’s Choice”.

Car lockout service for all makes of car

My continuing professional development is incredibly important to me as it ensures that I am able to provide my clients with the best and newest techniques for my car lockout service.

Using specialist Lishi lock picks, I can help you when you are locked out of your car. Fast, dependable and using the latest coating technology, these car opening tools allow me to open all makes of vehicle, including the newest models.

Car key duplicates

Duplicate car keys are available in addition to my vehicle opening services. I offer car key cutting from my van, making my emergency car lockout service an excellent choice.