Double Glazing Repairs

uPVC Window Repairs

Replacing a double glazed window can be a quick process, a great environmentally friendly option and much better value for you than fitting new uPVC windows. A low carbon solution that reduces heat loss from your windows. A win for you and the environment.

Over time, the seals between the double glazed panes can deteriorate, decreasing the visibility and energy efficiency of double glazed windows. When this happens, you really need to start thinking about replacing a double glazed window. If you need double glazing installers, get in touch today.

Double Glazing Lock Repair

Not only this, other parts of your windows may start to fail, the hinges or locks can get broken. We can renew your hinges, replace the handles on both uPVC  windows and doors.

Sometimes the locking mechanism can go on your uPVC unit, this can be frustrating but hardly calls for replacing the whole unit, we can replace the locking mechanism on site, saving you money and reducing waste in our environment.

UPCV windows repaired in this bungalow

Double glazed lock repair, hinges and handles

There is no need to put up with a broken or damaged double glazed window for long. I am an independent uPVC window supplier and installer and can give you a quote for replacement double glazed units over the phone. I will arrange a time to visit your property to measure up. After that, I’ll order the replacement window glass and return to fit it for you quickly and professionally. This is a very quick window replacement service, with the whole process taking only a week. It is far better for the environment and for your pocket to repair double glazing rather than replace the whole window unit.
replacement double glazing
double glazing repair

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I regularly get asked how to remove condensation from double glazed windows. The honest answer is that DIY double glazing resealing kits are ineffective and expensive over the long-term. So, if you have misted double glazing or fogged glass in your windows, you will need to replace the glass in order to completely seal the unit and stop air entering and causing condensation. It needn’t be hideously expensive, though. Instead of ordering completely new windows when you find you have misted double glazing, I can provide you with replacement double glazed units at a very competitive rate. Keep the heat in and ensure the view out of your window is clear with new window glass.

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If you are looking for complete window replacement, I can also help you out. I am a highly experienced installer of windows and can advise you on the most secure and most energy efficient materials for your windows. Old style aluminium window frames are less insulating than uPVC windows, so if your window frames are damaged, then it might be time to upgrade. Just give me a call for a very reasonable quote for replacement windows.