Repairing uPVC windows and doors

Repairing a uPVC window

Full repair and replacement service

Here at West Wales Locksmiths we can offer a wide range of services including a full repair and replacement service on doors and windows.

Over time there is always a risk of damaging your uPVC windows and doors; hinges are susceptible to wear and tear as are the locks and keys. When this happens many people assume they will face a massive bill to replace the whole unit. This simply isn’t the case, if you damage your uPVC unit you do not need to despair, contact us to see how quickly we can repair and fix your uPVC window or door.

We can come out and attend your home to fix failed and stuck mechanisms on doors and windows. You do not need to worry about your home security as we will fix your unit on site and ensure your home is safe and sound.

Misted or blown windows

When your window unit mists up it hints and a problem and will mean your windows are not as effective, it could be the seal has damaged or some other problem. Don’t assume that you will then have to replace the whole unit, we renew double glazed units for windows and doors, saving you money and giving you peace of mind.

Unit key replacement

That horrible moment when the top of the key turns in your hand and snaps from the section in the lock is never a great one, but we can come out on site and replace your keys from our van. Giving you instant peace of mind, ensuring your home is not left unsecured.

All of this reduces waste in our environment and improves energy efficiency in your home.

If you need any repair to your windows and doors or would like a quote for brand new units installed simply contact us now.