Affordable window repairs by local locksmith

blown double glazing

Money-saving uPVC window and door repairs

Save money by replacing just the broken parts of doors and windows rather than the whole unit. If it’s a problem with uPVC sealed units such as misting, leaking or condensation, West Wales Locksmiths can quickly and cheaply provide a local, independent uPVC panel replacement service.

Broken door locks and damaged window frames, seals or hinges can be quickly and easily replaced at your convenience, rather than you having to pay for a whole new product.

Lower your energy bills

When your windows and doors are all aligned accurately so that they close properly they can get on with their job of insulating your house. Well-fitting windows and doors stop draughts, leaks and condensation.

West Wales Locksmiths can replace damaged uPVC panels with thermally efficient energy saving glass. But even simpler fixes of making sure that the inbuilt drainage systems in your windows are effective can help you to reduce your reliance on heating.

By changing or repairing only what is necessary on your original uPVC windows and doors, you are also reducing waste and ensuring that your home remains as environmentally sustainable as possible.

Reduce disruption to your home

It can be very disruptive to have to change a complete uPVC window or door unit. There is far less mess if replacements are made only on the mechanisms that have failed or the seals or locks which have been damaged.

West Wales Locksmiths are a small, trustworthy, professional window repair company and we can be flexible in making appointments with you that fit in with your family. We are also lucky not to have huge overheads or premises costs. This means that we can pass on any savings directly to you.