Improving home security

Ensure well-fitting uPVC doors and windows

Keep your home secure by making sure that your uPVC windows and doors fit properly. If the door or window unit is even slightly misaligned with its frame, the locking mechanism may not work properly. It also increases the likelihood of cold draughts and makes your home less thermally efficient.

Repair damaged uPVC door and window locks

Be gentle with your uPVC door and windows to protect the locks and hinges from damage.
uPVC window and door hinges and locks can be damaged by being opened or closed too forcefully. This means that they cannot keep your home safe.

It is a good idea to arrange for a local, independent locksmith to fix broken door locks or hinges immediately if you have any problems. It is also far cheaper to have an expert change a lock or hinge than to replace the whole uPVC unit.

Changing door locks

Break-ins and attempted burglaries are exceptionally traumatic, and of course you are going to want to change your door locks as quickly as you can if this happens to your property.

West Wales Locksmiths can get to you quickly and repair broken locks or completely replace the lock there and then.

You may need to change locks for newly acquired properties. Again, we provide a fast and efficient service for changing uPVC window locks and door locks.

Meeting home insurance requirements

West Wales Locksmiths can advise you on how to meet your home insurance security requirements. We can replace door locks with multi-point locks on doors, Yale locks, anti-lift bars, locking handles or any other security measures that you need for your home or business.

Professional locksmith for uPVC doors

We are on hand to provide a professional, speedy and cost-effective locksmith service. Let us access difficult to reach windows safely. Let us repair misaligned doors and windows quickly. Let us mend or replace locks to keep your home safe.